Covid-19 has affected businesses of all sizes, in all industries across the UK and is continuing to have implications on workforces and recruitment processes globally. Some companies may have chosen to put their hiring processes on hold due to financial reasons, while others will be looking to face the challenge and adapt their recruitment strategy, as this changing landscape is something we will all be dealing with in the future, as well as the present.

As a result of the pandemic there has been a dramatic shift in the talent market, with an increase in demand for workers in industries such as manufacturing, food retail and healthcare. However, because the pandemic lockdown period has caused many businesses to close, particularly in the service industries, there is a growing number of job seekers entering the market.

To have a successful recruitment process in the current landscape, it is important to remain flexible and adaptable. If you require the immediate hire of highly skilled job seekers, or have been advertising the same job roles for a while and have received minimal applications, it would be beneficial to re-evaluate your current recruitment process to adapt to the current landscape. We have highlighted below some effective methods for adapting your current recruitment strategy.

Re-Evaluating your Current Recruitment Process

Long and complex application processes can be off putting for a potential candidate, as filling out the same contact details and answering the same questions can become tedious and tiresome. People who have been made redundant during the Covid-19 pandemic and are looking for work are likely to be filling out numerous different job applications within a short period of time. Therefore, simplifying the application process where appropriate could lead to more applications for the advertised job role. On the other hand, shortening the application process for the employers will also help companies to sieve through and respond to applications quicker, therefore ultimately finding the right candidate for the job role faster. An example of this is by replacing CV submissions with questionnaires, to cut out time consuming tasks such as reading and analysing CVs and cover letters and jumping straight to reviewing the skill sets of candidates.

Another technique organisations could use to adapt their current recruitment process to suit the current landscape is by holding video interviews instead of onsite interviews. Whilst lockdown restrictions have eased and certain establishments have taken all the necessary precautions advised by the government to allow employees to come back to work, many applicants may still feel uncomfortable entering your work premises. Therefore, allowing applicants to interview for a job role via a videocall may encourage more applicants to apply for the role. CDS Recruitment can facilitate all different types of video interviewing to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

An effective method for finding appropriate candidates is through your current employees and their wider networks. You already know what you’re looking for in terms of experience and skills, but your staff and other industry contacts can be useful for recommending potential hires they have had personal or professional relationships with. Make sure your staff know that you are currently recruiting for a specific role and the core skills required to fill the role. Your current staff will also know first-hand what the culture of the business is like and the characteristics a candidate would need to fit in and work effectively with the rest of the team.

As organisations create strategies to drive the future of their business, they will need to map out which skills they require to help drive the company forward and succeed. A consideration for organisations is the upskilling or reskilling of its existing employees, helping to create a more well-rounded, cross-skilled workforce who can maximise their potential in their current positions or take on new tasks where the business needs support.

In addition, Covid-19 has forced unexpected changes on many businesses as they have had to adapt their processes to meet the changing market landscape, with some businesses even launching into new markets, or creating new products and services. It is important to consider if you have the skills in-house to meet any changes within your business, if not recruitment or training to upskill your employees can help to fill these skill gaps.

When working with a recruitment agency, it is important that they fully understand your business objectives and what you are looking to achieve from your recruitment strategy. At CDS Recruitment, we work with you to fully understand your requirements and immerse ourselves into the culture of your business, ensuring we make the perfect connections for you.

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