When recruiting for a role in an organisation, it can be challenging for employers to find candidates with the right skill set for the job role. However, it is not just past experience that employers should be looking at during the recruitment process, they should also be focusing on whether they think the candidate will be a good fit for the team in terms of personality and core values. An employee can always be trained to acquire a certain skill set, however if their own personal values do not align with those of the company this can have a negative affect on other members of staff and their productivity.

It is not only attracting new clients than can cause problems for businesses, retaining talented employees can also be a difficult task. Although there are many things an employer can do to encourage talented staff to remain in employment.

Below we have outlined some helpful tips for attracting and retaining talented employees.

Attracting the Right Talent

One of the main things to think about in order to attract the right talent for your business is to clearly articulate your company values to potential employees. This will allow candidates to get an idea of the general ethos and culture within the business before applying for the position. By conveying the message of what the culture in your business rewards, such as teamwork or competitiveness, it encourages likeminded individuals who find that their personal core values resonate with those enforced by your company to apply for the job, resulting in higher calibre applicants.

Employees are your best ambassadors when it comes to brand reputation and recognition. Professionals who actively network with individuals within your business can gain good insight into what it is like to work in your organisation through how your employees portray your business. This means that it is important for employers to actively influence the way their company is viewed by their employees. In order to do this, an employer should consider staff culture, how they engage with their employees and what elements of the business appeals to both candidates and current staff members.

Interviewing candidates can be viewed as the most crucial point in the recruitment process as it is the employer’s opportunity to ensure they hire the candidate that they consider to be best suited for the role and for the company. It is important that a member of staff who works in the same or a similar role to that which the candidate is applying for is involved in the interview process. This makes the process less daunting for the candidate and provides them with a true overview of what it is like to work at the company and why they work there themselves. As a result, the candidate can be more certain about their decision and whether they would be a good fit for the role.

Retaining Talented Employees

It is important to positively engage with new employees from day one, as the type of experience they encounter in the first 90 days will determine whether an employee stays with the company or moves on.  An employer must therefore be receptive and open with their employees, creating open communication between employees and management can help nurture a sense of community and shared purpose amongst staff members which can result in an increased level of motivation. An effective way of achieving this is by setting up regular meetings in which employees can share ideas and speak honestly with their managers. This often results in employees feeling more valued because they know their input is being acknowledged.

In addition, offering appealing benefits packages can be a key factor in retaining employees as it plays a large role in keeping employees happy, engaged and motivated. Therefore, employers should consider including benefits such as stock options or financial rewards for employees who exceed performance levels.

Another effective method of retaining employees is by providing training opportunities and clear progression pathways. Establishing a clear employee journey and potential opportunities for internal promotion can create long term goals for employees to work towards and gives them a reason to continue their career with the same employer. Promotions also usually come hand in hand with education and training, this provides employees with the opportunity to develop their skill set and accomplish a sense of achievement in their role.

Our team of specialist consultants can help you attract the right talent for your business. We work to fully understand your requirements and immerse themselves into the culture of your business, ensuring they make the perfect connections between employers and candidates.

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