Operating within a niche industry can make finding the right talent for your business challenging and a more specialist approach to recruitment can be required. Unlike a general recruitment agency which works across a range of industries, a specialist recruiter tends to focus on core sectors and possesses a wealth of market knowledge, industry experience and has access to a focused talent pool.

CDS Recruitment and Training is a specialist agency that provides bespoke recruitment and training services within the engineering, technical and scientific sectors. Below we have outlined some of the benefits of working with a specialist recruitment agency to find the right talent for your business.

Specialist Industry Knowledge

Most specialist recruitment agencies have niche expertise, with profound knowledge and a strong understanding of the distinctive skills and experience that businesses which operate in their specialist sectors demand.

At CDS Recruitment and Training, our success lies in our vast knowledge of the markets we operate in and our people who are passionate about what we do. Our team of recruitment specialists are highly experienced and qualified in their fields of expertise and are continuously keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. We aim to gain a strong understanding of your business and its processes so that we can support you in finding the perfect candidates for your vacancies. In addition, we offer a specialist training division to support our clients in the upskill of their employees. Awarded centre approval by NCFE AND CACHE, our training division offers a range of accredited courses in Engineering, IT, Manufacturing and Health and Safety.

A Focused Talent Pool

By choosing to work with a specialist recruitment agency, you’ll gain access to candidates from a more focused talent pool. Roles in technical and scientific industries can require specialist skills and a specialist recruiter will be able to source suitable candidates through their database and connections.

Our detailed candidate screening and vetting process ensures that we source and develop only the highest-quality applicants in the market and carefully select the ones that are best suited to your business requirements.

Less Time Consuming

As generalist agencies cover such a wide variety of jobs across a vast range of different sectors, they usually have a very large pool of candidates to select from. However, having to wade through hundreds of CVs from unsuitable candidates with no sector experience or the required skills can be time-consuming and frustrating for an employer. Specialist agencies with an effective candidate screening and vetting process only refer candidates with relevant experience and skills, meaning none of the employer’s time is wasted reading applications that are not up to the standard they expected.

At CDS Recruitment and Training, we also have our own Executive Search team which is dedicated to sourcing board level candidates for clients based throughout the UK, EMEA, USA and APAC regions covering a range of roles at Director level including Technical, Manufacturing, R&D, Scientific, Business Development, Operations, Procurement, Supply Chain and Marketing.

For more information about CDS Recruitment and Training, or how we can provide recruitment solutions bespoke to your business, please contact one of our specialists here