Celebrating 9 years in business

Time just flies by…

In September 2009 I started the business CDS Recruitment thinking how and what do I need make this a viable and successful future for me. Especially as the recruitment sector is a low cost entry business. So I created a detailed business plan and thought it’s a great skeleton to work on and the rest will come from the drive and motivation of myself and the team.

Personally I had built up over 10 years in engineering recruitment, but that didn’t mean very much as at the time in 2009, the UK were set very much in a recession. How little did I know with Brexit coming a few years later!

9 years on from that day and it still remember like it was yesterday working from my house using a second-hand lap top, self funding with only determination pushing me. I’m quite sure I was similar to all other new business owners, still pushing and wondering how and what we needed to do in order to keep our business moving.

Over the years myself and the business have experienced quite a few unexpected issues, some related to Recruitment and some not. All in one way or another impacting the development of CDS Recruitment. I’ve found running a business is not just about doing the actual work… work is only one of the day to day issues that anyone running a business needs to deal with. The interest in UK economy and Brexit have been with us for a while.

I’ve learnt over the years that as a business owner, there will be plenty of occasions when things go wrong and its how you deal with the issues each day that helps develop the experiences for next time.

My core believe is always be respectful, and be honest. Get to know your customers and candidates and work with them closely, keeping regular contact.. Quality of service is crucial with ISO9001. As a company CDS Recruitment is a member of the ( REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation ) who guide us legally in our processes.

Over the years CDS Recruitment’s customer base has risen from a standing start to now accounting for over 15000 time sheets and 500,000 hours worked and over 800 permanent placements. This is something I am quite proud of and use to develop the business.

I understood Richard Branson saying that it is crucial to look after the team around you and to support them as much as possible. “Employees come first. Take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients “Everyone has bad days from time to time, and I have learned to look at the long term and encourage the right mind set.

CDS Recruitment have developed a close knit team who have worked with each other for many years. With that advantage we are an strong and effective team. Each individual member has at least 15 years experience working within the industry and crucially, they all have stable career development opportunities.

Over the years, the CDS Recruitment Team have grown from 1 person to an office of over 7 people. All of which helps the measured growth to take us past the 10 year mark.

Thank you to our customers for helping CDS Recruitment get to where we are so far… admittedly a long way off where I personally want to be but I am confident knowing that we are developing as a business and heading in the right direction. We have a Great Team, some very loyal Customers who work with us regularly and most importantly, we have 20,000 or so engineering based candidates on our database.

As I love movies, to quote “To infinity and beyond”!

– Chris Sultman, Managing Director

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