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Join a growing team

As members of the REC our team have the qualifications and experience to train, develop and inspire colleagues to achieve their goals and develop their careers.

We welcome applicants from a range of backgrounds who have the desire to succeed and build lasting business relationships. Should you be successful we will offer you a long term, financially rewarding and exciting career within CDS Recruitment.

If you show the ability and determination and successfully achieve your objectives then career development opportunities will become available along with any appropriate requirements you have with internal support, management courses and recognised Recruitment qualifications.

Career Progression Opportunities

CDS has the following personnel structure. Used as a guide to help.

Trainee Resource:  0 – 24 months.

Resourcer:  24 + months.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant: 0 – 12 months

Recruitment Consultant: 12 -24 months

Graduate Consultant:  0 – 18 months

Senior Consultant: 24 – 48 months

Lead Recruitment consultant: 48 Plus months

Principal Consultant: 60 months plus

Manager / Head of division

Our business operates within the technical, manufacturing and scientific sectors.

CDS Team

CDS have a clear progression path based on experience and candidates will typically join as a Trainee or Graduate Resourcer or Consultant depending on their strengths and area able to progress to more senior Consultant on achievement of personal targets and objectives with additional progression to Manager/Division Head dependent on company structure and business expansion