In the initial stages of searching and applying for new job roles, candidates will often turn to the Internet to begin their search. Therefore, it is important that companies raise their profile through digital channels to get their brand and key messaging out there so that they can be recognised by potential candidates. As a result, your recruitment partner can work with you and use your brand image and reputation to recruit the best candidates for your business.

At CDS Recruitment, our team of experienced recruitment specialists aim to gain a strong understanding of our client’s business and processes so that we can provide a truly bespoke resource solution to each assignment.

Below, we have outlined some effective tips and advice on how to raise your business profile and increase brand awareness through digital channels.


It is critical when recruiting, that you find a candidate with not only the right skillset but also one who will integrate seamlessly into your business culture and who shares your values. Your company ethos, values, USPs, work culture and behaviour (for instance how your staff interact with customers) all form part of your brand. However, you also should consider how your brand is represented through your company’s logo and visual style, its tone of voice and both the internal and external messages you disseminate. It is critical that your brand accurately represents your company culture and values so that this comes across correctly to candidates. For example, if one of your main selling points about your business culture is that it is a friendly and sociable place to work it is critical that this comes across in your brand and key messaging across all distribution channels. This will benefit both parties as you will be attracting candidates who are well suited to your business culture and core values, as well as appealing to candidates who are interested in this type of working environment.

Creating Content

Your website is where people will go to find out about your company, including what the business culture is and what your core values are, before they make a decision on whether or not to apply for a role within your company. This means that it is important to update your website with a variety of content which engages the user and informs them about what is happening at your business and what it is like to work there.

The types of website content that can be used to raise your business profile includes testimonials and case studies from current employees, company and industry news articles and updates, blog posts offering tips and advice to other professionals in the industry, thought leadership articles and downloadable content such as company brochures/leaflets. These types of content can then be distributed through other digital channels to further increase exposure, such as social media.

Social Media

Posting on a variety of different social media channels is an effective way of communicating your brand to a wide audience and ultimately increasing the awareness of your company ethos, values, USPs and internal business culture. This is also an effective tactic when you are trying to attract and source international and more remote candidates.

At CDS Recruitment, our Executive Search team use digital tactics to source and engage with candidates at board level in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. This approach enables us to identify the very best talent for our clients and conduct interviews virtually before presenting our client with a short list.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are now seeing a significant increase in demand within the current Covid-19 pandemic. In the absence of face to face networking and sales meetings, they represent a great way of connecting with current customers and prospect candidates and employers. Crucially, effective social media is a means of staying visible, disseminating your messages, and keeping candidates up to date on your latest news and updates.

It is also important for your company and your employees to stay on-brand and be consistent in how they are communicating to users through social media and that they adhere to company values in doing so.

In the current climate (particularly during the pandemic) people are becoming more reliant on digital channels for research, communication, and engagement. Implementing the above strategies will help to further strengthen your profile and promote your culture, ethos, values and company expertise to potential candidates. In a competitive marketplace, the culture and ethos of a business can help set it apart from its competitors. In addition, this will support your recruitment strategy and help your recruitment partner to select the ideal candidates for your business.  

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