Recruitment agency vs in-house recruitment

Businesses want to source the best talent in the shortest period of time without spending too much money in the recruitment process, but how do they achieve this? In-house teams or agencies…Or Both?

With the growth of social media and in particular LinkedIn, direct hire is becoming increasingly popular to keep recruitment costs down, although this strategy can quickly become a false economy if the wrong people are recruited. Whilst in-house teams can provide an excellent role in recruitment, often organisations look to recruit a wide array of varying roles at high volumes which can prove to be time consuming. The expertise and experience of a specialist recruitment agency in matching individuals to companies and vacancies, and getting the ‘best fit’ all round is a valuable a skill.

Recruiting the wrong people can have a massive impact on a business and subsequently the bottom line, using an established well known agency can give companies access to a wider pool of quality candidates and in some cases those who are not actively seeking a new role but who have been earmarked for very specific career opportunities. Agencies often have a much further reach than in-house teams, due to a greater range of recruitment tools, which can allow them to identify and acquire the best people, rather than just those who are actively seeking work.

With CDS Recruitment our team of consultants are specialised in their own particular fields having an excellent understanding of the sectors and your requirements to ensure they find the best fit for both client and candidate and work with a number of local, national and international companies supporting the In-house recruitment teams.

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