A successful interview process requires a lot more than just extensive research and preparation. The successfulness of an interview also depends on how you conduct yourself from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

In line with this, we have outlined some helpful top tips for a successful interview.

Do your research

During an interview, the employer will often ask you what you know about the company, or they will be looking for indications that you have done some research. Therefore, it is crucial you do background research about the business you are interviewing for and the industry that it operates in prior to the interview. You should know things such as what the business does, who its competitors are and how it stands out from its competitors, what sectors it operates in and what its core company values are.

Clarify your selling points

You should also consider the reasons why you are suited for the role you are applying for in order to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate. For example, how is your experience relevant? What relevant skills do you have? Do your own personal values align with the core values of the company?

Prepare for common interview questions

It is advisable to think about common interview questions based on the role you’re applying for, your past experience and which stage of your career you are currently at. From this you can then rehearse your responses to these questions so that you will be prepared to answer them in detail and with confidence during the interview.

Come equipped with your own questions

During an interview, the employer will often ask you at the end if you have any questions and no matter what, you should always ask at least one or two to show your interest in the company and the role you’re applying for. Therefore, you should prepare some intelligent and insightful questions that are relevant to the company, the role or the industry. It is often a good idea to ask questions that show you have done your research in order to impress the interviewer, by asking about an achievement of the company or a specific case study or news article on its website.

First impression

First impressions are of paramount importance in an interview, it is therefore important to make sure those first few minutes count! You should arrive with positive energy and show interest in the business by making positive comments on the work that they do. Be polite and bubbly, make the employer want to talk to you, rather than just being another candidate that they must interview for the vacancy.

Close on a positive note

One of the most critical moments in an interview is how you end it. It is important that when it comes to the end of the interview you make sure it comes across how much you want the role. Make them aware that now that you have interviewed for the role, you would love the opportunity to work there. This is essential because when it comes to the decision making process for the employer and they are narrowing down candidates, they will consider who they thought wanted it more and who would be more appreciative if they offered them the job, as this is often reflected in the work ethic and productivity of the candidate once appointed.

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