What are the benefits of upskilling your employees?

Empowering your employees with new skills or enhancing their current skills, ensures you have a rounded workforce which is agile and responsive to change. Ensuring your employees have ongoing support, as well as access to training and education is therefore vital. With the disruptions that Covid 19 has brought to businesses across the UK and globally, businesses now more than ever are seeing the benefits of upskilling their employees.

Upskilling your employees offers a host of benefits including:

Helps to retain talent

Most employees view ongoing learning and training a priority for their career progression. Building a learning culture through supporting and encouraging employees to learn new skills or enhance an existing one will help to boost productivity, keep them motivated and engaged and grow with the company.

Instilling confidence

Creating an environment where employees embrace the idea of learning can help strengthen an employee’s confidence in themselves and in their role. It will not only make them feel challenged and valued but having more diverse skills means they will be able to take on additional responsibilities and progress their careers within the company.

Sets the path for growth

Businesses that create a development framework for their employees can utilise it to identify any skill gaps or shortages they have currently or may have in the future. This may be skills the team needs, but no one possess, or not enough of the team possess the skills to perform the role. Senior management should work together to identify the skill gaps of their team members, which can then be categorised to help develop focused training programs. Targeted learning programs can help your workforce better adapt to changing job roles.  Through partnering with an accredited training provider, businesses can set the path for growth, investing in inhouse talent to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to help drive the business forward.

Staying ahead of competition 

Ensuring your workforce is up to date with key industry trends, developments and legislation is essential to remain competitive. This will enable them to offer the best recommendations and insights to clients and prospects.

Changes within industry can happen quickly, to stay ahead of the competition you may decide to adapt or diversify into new markets and offer a new service or launch a new product – it is therefore important employees are equipped with both the skills and knowledge to help navigate organisational changes and achieve business goals.

Upskilling through employee training and development helps to build a strong employer brand whilst boosting performance, high retention rates and a competitive advantage. Our team at CDS Recruitment and Training can work with you to identify any skills gaps and create a program to help upskill your employees. Awarded centre approval by NCFE and CACHE, we offer a range of specialist training programmes tailored for the Engineering, Manufacturing, Scientific, Renewable and Energy sectors.

For more information, please get in touch with our training manager, Neil Kitchen on 0191 300 1114 or email training@cdsrecruitment.co.uk